Monday, December 8, 2008

Neighborhood Gifts - As Seen on KSL's Studio 5

Our Savory Selections Team Lead, Marilyn Bilbo, was invited to do a 4 minute segment for Studio 5 showcasing the various baskets our Sandy store is offering for the Holiday Season! The producers suggested she bring 6 gift ideas to share and a few for a background display. When we got there they loved Marilyn's selection so much they requested she try to talk about each one in 4 minutes! Whew! The best part is that all the ideas shown were between $4.00-$35.00! Marilyn did a great job showing her many talents and representing the Sandy Store! Way to go Marilyn!

Movie Night Basket: Great Movie, Blanket, Cocoa, and Fun Cookies

Family Dip Night: Pretzels, Various Cookies & Wafers, Dipping Chocolate

Key for Santa (see below for full verse)

All Natural Basket: Various Burt's Bee's Products and a Cordless Waterfall

Relaxing Weekend Basket: Blanket, Book, Puzzle, and Hot Cocoa

Oven Mitt, Cookie Mix, Cookie Frosting, Cookie Cutter, and Wooden Spoons

Gourmet Cooking: Raspberry Chipotle Sauce with Measuring Spoons

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